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French teacherMy name is Magdalena. I am a professional French teacher. My lessons include all four areas of competency: reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking. We have conversations (at all levels), and also work on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling.

Why should you choose me as your French teacher? I am extremely patient, upbeat, and most importantly, I have the skill and energy to keep you moving towards your language goal. I speak with an authentic French accent. My spoken French is standard (i.e. it is the French spoken in France) and clear, so it is easy for students to understand.

I studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris, where I graduated with three degrees. A citizen of both France and Poland, I graduated with a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from Silesian University. I worked in Poland for 3 years as a French teacher at the middle school level and also as a private French teacher. I have also worked for French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange in Paris as an editorial webmaster.

Today I work exclusively as a private French teacher. I continue to joyfully explore today's French culture, music, literature, and movies, and I am fascinated by the evolution of the language. I incorporate all of these aspects into my lessons, based on the student's interest level. I created to share this passion with you. I am continually updating this site with new information on various topics that revolve around France, its language, and its culture.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or advanced level, together we will find and address the areas where you would like to improve. I love my work and look forward to teaching you!


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15-Minute Free Evaluation Session
This no-cost lesson will give you the chance to experience my teaching method so that you will feel comfortable moving forward with lessons.

Single One-On-One Lesson
$25 per 50-Minute Lesson

$200 for 10 One-On-One Lessons


Katie Koch, Campbell, CA USA

Katie Koch, Campbell, CA USA

Magda is a delightful and talented teacher. She is patient and focused and is excellent at explaining the complexities of French grammar. I especially appreciate that she will correct my mistakes but then also explain the concept or rule so that I can avoid making them again. I’ve learned a great deal from her in the short time that we have worked together. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their French.

Janice Biggs, New York, NY USA

Janice Biggs, New York, NY USA

Trying to learn a new language outside of immersion is quite a challenge. I’ve been stuck at the B1 level for a while now and finally committed to mastering the principals of French grammar one by one with a tutor. I found Magdalena through a mutual friend and have been working with her for over 9 months and wished I had taken this approach years ago. Not only is the one on one, go at my own pace and making sure I master the lessons the right approach, but I’ve found Magdalena to be highly knowledgeable, patient and a skilled teacher. She explains things well and is versatile with her teaching approach. She encourages me to be accountable while also respecting the fact that I have a full-time job and other commitments. We also have interesting conversations in French which motivates me more to master the language. I strongly recommend Magdalena.

Janice K, Las Vegas, NV USA

Janice K., Las Vegas, NV USA

Having worked with Magdalena for several years, I can attest to her patience as well as her professionalism. When speaking with you, she ensures that you understand everything that she says. She is always positive which really helps during your time with her. I appreciate the corrections that she gives on a timely basis. One-on-one training is definitely beneficial and useful to practice areas in which I need more practice in the French language, and it is better than a class. Magdalena can diagnose your weaknesses in an area, and can focus on them in your time with her. There is always open communication about your needs and your time is always well spent with Magdalena. Nowadays, there are a lot of study options for French, but working to improve your French with Magdalena is one of the best.

Rene G. Michigan, MI USA

Rene G., Michigan, MI USA

I highly recommend Magdalena to anyone interested in learning French as a secondary language. I've been working with Magdalena for over 6 months and I find her to be clear, concise and encouraging. She's thorough and focused with her explanations and gentle with her corrections. She's also enthusiastic about my success and offers suggestions to how I can get more French in my daily life between classes in order to speed up my progress.

Bobbie deCandido, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Bobbie de Candido, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Magda is an AWESOME teacher! Her explanations are really clear. I have made so much progress thanks to her. French is not the easiest language. Having someone who knows all the common mistakes learners make is essential in order to make progress. Magda will help you keep your level of French progressing in an enjoyable way!

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