French grammar

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1. The French Subjunctive

2. Personne or Quelqu'un, which is correct ?

3. Savoir or Connaître, which verb to use ?

4. Bon or bien, which one is correct

5. C'est or Il est, that is the question

6. Déjà, encore, jamais, toujours - French adverbs

7. French adjectives gender

8. The gender of French nouns

9. The indicative or the subjunctive, which mood to use ?

10. Past Participle Agreement

11. French Conditional Sentences

12. Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers in French from 0 to 100

13. Mauvais or Mal, which to use

14. The Reported Speech in French

15. French Personal Object Pronouns le, la, les, lui, leur, en, y NEW

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