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My name is Magda. I graduated with a degree in Teaching French as a Foreign Language from Silesian University. I studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris, where I graduated with three degrees. I continue to joyfully explore today's French culture, music, literature, and movies, and I am fascinated by the evolution of the language. I created to share this passion with you. I am continually updating this site with new information on various topics that revolve around France, its language, and its culture.
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Online Private French Lessons

I am a graduate teacher of French as a foreign language. My lessons include all four areas of competency: reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking. We have conversations (at all levels), and also work on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. Whether you are an absolute beginner or advanced level, together we will find and address the areas where you need to improve.

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Rene G.

Rene G., Michigan, USA

I highly recommend Magdalena to anyone interested in learning French as a secondary language. I've been working with Magdalena for over 6 months and I find her to be clear, concise and encouraging. She's thorough and focused with her explanations and gentle with her corrections. She's also enthusiastic about my success and offers suggestions to how I can get more French in my daily life between classes in order to speed up my progress.

Bobbie deCandido

Bobbie de Candido, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Magda is an AWESOME teacher! Her explanations are really clear. I have made so much progress thanks to her. French is not the easiest language. Having someone who knows all the common mistakes learners make is essential in order to make progress. Magda will help you keep your level of French progressing in an enjoyable way!


French Conjugation

You can find here more than 7000 FRENCH VERBS with their meanings, conjugated in any French Tense. To quickly access the verb you are looking for, use our search engine, by directly typing the verb in the infinitive.
Find any verb you need to conjugate HERE.

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